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'Countdown to Christmas' Acrylic Sign.

by Louise Daw - Little Cloud Crafts on November 01, 2022
NOV 2022

Make your own:
Countdown to Christmas Sign

Another beautiful craft project from Louise at Little Cloud Crafts (we want to go to her house for Christmas!). This delicate and intricate design is a stunning, grown-up way to build excitement for the big day.

A beautiful & intricate wreath to welcome the festive season.

You will need:

  • Clear round acrylic sign (Hobbycraft)
  • Decorative Window Film - I used Oracal 8300 in Red, Grass and Limetree Green
  • Whiteboard vinyl
  • Metallic vinyl - I used ImagePerfect M3387 Gold matt
  • Application tape - Clear is good choice here, and some translucent baking parchment is useful to help you align the different layers
  • Squeegee
  • Weeding tool
  • Dry-wipe pen
  • Scalpel, box cutter or scissors

For this project I chose a christmas wreath design from Silhouette Design Studio and set it to measure approximately 14cm, slightly smaller than my acrylic blank.

First, load your cutter with your first colour and perform a test cut. This is an intricate design and it will weed much easier and quicker if your knife settings are optimised.

Once you are ready to cut, choose the ‘cut by fill’ on the Silhouette Design Studio. This will separate your colours into layers and cut each one individually, making it easy to layer on the acrylic.

First layer cut! Weed out the excess vinyl, lay a piece of application tape over your design and burnish well with a squeegee, front and back to make sure that the window film is adhered to the transfer tape.

Once you have cut, weeded and taped all the colours, you can start to layer them onto the acrylic. Start to build up the design - taking care to make sure you line up the layers accurately, it can help to use a piece of translucent liner or baking parchment between the vinyl and acrylic here so you can move your design into place before it sticks.

Once you have completed the wreath you need to choose a design for the centre of the sign, where you will write the days to Christmas! I chose a snowflake but anything christmassy would work. This is cut from whiteboard vinyl so you can use a whiteboard pen to change the days as you countdown.

Next we need to put the words in - 'Days to Christmas' - I used gold matt vinyl and a fancy font

Now all you have to do is pop in the number of days to christmas with a dry-wipe pen! Don't forget to keep changing them until the big day.