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Cute Gingerbread Card using Signmask Stencil Vinyl.

by Louise Daw - Little Cloud Crafts on November 01, 2022
NOV 2022

Make your own:
Cute Gingerbread
Christmas Card

Design and make your own cards, tags and wrap with a little help from a festive cookie cutter and a sheet of ImagePerfect Signmask.

Our guest crafter, Louise from Little Cloud Crafts has devised a fun project that will get the kids involved in Christmas crafting, and you don't need a craft cutter (or a child to be honest!) just a simple cookie cutter and a bit of creative flair!

I wanted to show that you don’t need to have a cutting machine to create something beautiful with vinyl.

- Louise Daw

You will need:

    • Watercolour Card - textured gives a nice effect here
    • ImagePerfect Signmask self-adhesive stencil vinyl
    • Selection of self-adhesive vinyl scraps to accessorise
    • Watercolours, pens or similar
    • Cookie cutter, I used a Gingerbread Man but you could get some lovely results with a snowflake or Christmas tree
    • Scalpel or box cutter
    • Scissors

Position your cookie cutter onto the Signmask and trace around it, then cut out your design. You can use a scalpel and just cut through the vinyl layer, or scissors and cut through the paper backing liner too.

Peel the sticky signmask off the backing and smooth onto the watercolour card, don't worry, you can reposition if required and it will peel off easily later. Using watercolour paint, colour the gingerbread man, the stencil will ensure you get clean, accurate edges. Leave to dry before removing. You can carefully replace the stencil onto its liner and use again if wished.

I cut an additional decorative, leafy design to give a border around the gingerbread man, positioned it on the card and painted it, once again leaving it to dry before removing.

Mr Gingerbread needs a little decoration, so with some scraps of white, black and red ImagePerfect I cut his eyes, buttons and icing. I did use my digital cutter for this but could also have cut shapes by hand, on a Sissix type die cutter or even used little hole puches in different shapes which would work really well.

Add a cute slogan and you're ready to go! Mix and match cards, gift tags and wrap or even crackers and napkins too!