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Halloween Hoodie

by Samantha Watson on October 20, 2021
This warm and cosy hoodie is perfect for an evening out trick or treating with the kids.  Choose your favourite combination of Poli-Flex colours and textures.  I've been looking for an excuse to use this funky leopard print for a while now and love the way it turned out![[ recipeID=recipe-9kuzgtvmc, title='If You've Got It, Haunt It!' Hoodie ]]

'If You've Got It, Haunt It!' Hoodie

I've been looking for an excuse to use our Leopard print Poli-Flex for ages so I was really pleased how this top worked out. I ended up getting loads of requests from the girls in the office so you may see a few alternative versions appear in the new few days - I'm thinking zebra and glitter . . ?


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You Will Need


  1. As this project uses heat transfer media you will need to cut your design in reverse so remember to mirror all your shapes! If you are layering your colours, make sure any textured materials such as glitter, flock etc will be the top layer, if not, use your software to 'cut away' the shapes so that they sit next to one another rather than overlapping.
  1. Arrange your shapes, grouped into colours, on the work area in your design software then lay your flex onto the sticky mat so that each colour aligns with the correct shapes. Send your job to cut, depending on the size and number of colours you may need to do this in a couple of batches. Then turn the mat over and peel it away from your flex, this will prevent the flex from curling up.
  1. Weed away the waste from your design, removing the middles of shapes carefully. Watch that you don't peel away any crucial full stops or accents!
  1. Once all your colours are weeded and before you start pressing your design, layer up all the shapes to make sure you have everything and that they all fit together, you can then work out in which order you will need to press them. Remember that textured materials such as flock or glitter will need to be the top layer
  1. Press your colours one by one using the correct heat, pressure and timings for each type of flex. Check whether your flex is warm or cold peel and remove the liner at the recommended temperature each time.
  1. Different materials need different settings, for example, here the printed flex needs a longer, hotter press than the Turbo. Remember to use your teflon sheet for each press, if the iron comes into direct contact with the film, it will ruin it.
  1. Repeat as above with the text then, using the Teflon sheet give your whole design a final 2 second press to secure.
  1. Happy Halloween!


I used quite a stretchy top for this, a t-shirt or sweat shirt would have been easier to align but it was worth it as this fab hoodie from Primark is warm and cosy and just right for an evening trick or treating with the kids!

Hoodie from Primark £13

File from Silhouette Design Store - Leopard Pumpkin, ID: 382119 (see below)

Font from Silhouette Design Store - Mitoos, ID: 379547

For Poli-Flex application and care instructions click here >

I deleted the leopard skin shapes from the original design and used the ovals beneath to cut out the leopard print flex I also added the pumpkin eyes and mouth freehand with the line tool.