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Halloween Trick or Treat Cauldrons

by Samantha Watson on October 13, 2021

[[ recipeID=recipe-9kupq52yl, title=Personalised Halloween Trick or Treat Cauldrons ]]

Halloween Trick or Treat Cauldrons

The days are getting shorter and there is smoke in the air as families light their fires on chilly evenings. I love this time of year and the kids can barely contain their excitement as Halloween draws near.

The one day of the year that they can eat their body weight in sweets most of which has been extorted from strangers!

This momentous occasion requires a sturdy device which will hold a huge volume of treats with no chance of getting mixed up with your brother or sister.

. . . and complements your costume to boot!


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  • Making Time: 0 mins
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You Will Need

  • Halloween Cauldrons
  • Oracal 6510 Fluorescent Green Vinyl
  • Oracal 6510 Fluorescent Orange Vinyl
  • Application tape
  • Squeegee
  • Weeding Tool
  • Scissors or scalpel


  1. Load vinyl into your cutter. I used part sheets placed onto the sticky mat to save time. ALWAYS perform a test cut, Oracal 6510 is a little thicker than standard films so you will need to adjust your blade, you may also want to cut a few extra eyes just in case you lose some whilst weeding! Once cut, peel the mat away from your vinyl, this will prevent your vinyl from curling up.
  1. Make weeding quicker and easier with fiddly shapes by slicing the vinyl between lines of text and rows of shapes so that you only have to weed small areas at a time. Weed away the outer vinyl then peel out all the inside shapes and replace any that you have lost.
  1. Apply application tape to the vinyl by draping the middle into position then smoothing outwards. Squeegee firmly from both sides and trim into rows.
  1. My cauldron has a slightly conical shape which means the decals will have a tendency to curve upwards rather than sitting on a flat baseline as they are applied around the pot. To avoid this take your scissors or blade and snip a small line every couple of centimetres all around the edges of the app tape. This will allow you to angle the shapes as you apply, keeping them parallel to the base. Turn your graphics over and peel the tape away from the liner ensuring all shapes stay on the app tape, if they start to lift replace the tape and add more pressure with the squeegee or adjust the angle of peel which will normally do the trick.
  1. There are a couple of ways to apply the vinyl, if you are new to vinyl have a look at the alternative hinge method a bit further on as you may find it easier, otherwise simply drape the middle of the application tape so that it contacts the cauldron at the centre point then smooth from the middle out to the edges. My cauldron has quite a textured surface so I was able to reposition the vinyl without losing bits. The slits that you cut into the app tape will allow you to adjust the design as you apply it to keep it parallel to the base. Once positioned apply firm pressure all over with your squeegee, pick up a corner of the app tape and, folding it back onto itself, roll it off the vinyl leaving the shapes behind.
  1. If you haven't had much experience with vinyl it would be worth trying the 'hinge' method. Once you have taped your graphics, trimmed them to size and cut slits around the edges of the app tape, rip away a center strip of the silicon liner to reveal a small middle section of adhesive.
  1. Now, when you apply your shapes they will only stick in a small area, allowing you to reposition as required until you are ready to fix in position by applying firm pressure to the hinge then peel away the remaining liner either side, smoothing outward as you go.
  1. If you find your shapes tend to lift because of the uneven surface texture consider leaving the app tape on for a while whilst the adhesive starts to cure producing a stronger bond or rub over briskly with your fingers, the friction will heat the adhesive giving it more 'grab' making it easier to remove the app tape.


Our Halloween Cauldrons were from Home Bargains

The design file was ID: 1990740965 from

We added an offset path around the design to make it bolder and easier to weed.

We also cut a few extra 'eyes' just in case!

The font is Lycanthrope.

You can find thousands of fonts online at