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Personalised Wellness Journal

by Samantha Watson on January 16, 2022
I grabbed a bargain in Sainsburys and thought it would make a lovely gift for a very special lady.  Last year was really tough, here's hoping this year is a good one! [[ recipeID=recipe-9kyh6uo0n, title=Wellness Journal ]]

Wellness Journal

I found this lovely Wellness Journal in my local Sainsburys just before Christmas and it was just crying out for some decoration. I've just recieved samples of our new textured laminates and, as luck would have it, one of the textures is identical to the cover on the Journal! So, an hour or so later, a small piece of DecoLam Reptile and Oracal 351 Rose Gold and my sister-in-law has a pretty personalised Journal to help keep her chilled for the year ahead!

Servings: 1

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  • Prep Time: 0 mins
  • Making Time: 0 mins
  • Total Time: 0 mins



You Will Need

  • 1 Piece DecoLam IP2830-220 Reptile
  • 1 Piece Oracal 351-931 Gold Rosè Polyester Craft Vinyl
  • 1 Journal, Diary or Notebook
  • 1 Sheet Clear Application tape
  • Scissors or Scalpel
  • Weeding Tool
  • Squeegee


  1. Load the mirror vinyl and cut your file, then repeat with the laminate. This laminate is much thicker than the mirror film so you can't cut them at the same time on the sticky mat. All cutters and blades are different, I used the Portrait 2 Autoblade on depth 2 and pressure 10 for the vinyl and depth 4 and pressure 15 for the laminate and slowed it to speed 3. Always do a test cut first!
  1. Weed your films, I tried a couple of different designs for this and preferred a more subtle one where the small letters are the same colour as the background but are left unlaminated to show the contrasting mirror effect finish. You can see here how the journal and vinyl textures are very similar.
  1. Apply application tape to the laminate and squeegee down very firmly. Lift the tape and shapes from the backing then reapply the backing (or a piece of baking parchment if you prefer) with just a small part of the letters poking out but the rest of the adhesive protected for now. Line up the laminate and vinyl, making sure the whole graphic is positioned accurately then stick down the uncovered part of the letters so they act like a hinge, lift the application tape and pull away the backing paper. Squeegee down the rest of the graphic firmly.
  1. Lift the application tape with your letters off the backing paper, and as before, reapply with a little bit of the graphic poking out. Position on the journal and measuring it to ensure it is central and straight then squeege down the uncovered pieces, lift the tape and slide away the backing paper then squeegee the whole thing down firmly.
  1. Remove the application tape by peeling it back on itself to leave the letters behind then step back and admire your work!


The Journal was from Sainsburys and the font is Futura from Adobe which I chose as it matched the packaging and is not too intricate. A fancy font would be difficult to cut and weed as the laminate is pretty thick.

The Decolam is designed as a laminate rather than for cutting but actually cuts really nicely. You will need to add more depth and pressure on your blade and keep the shapes simple. It is really hard wearing so is great option to protect delicate surfaces.

Try not to touch the adhesive side of the laminate as fingerprints will really show in the finished design, munching a bag of crisps whilst crafting is a definite no-no here!