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Application & Care Guidelines for Poli-Tape Heat Transfer Films

by Samantha Watson on October 13, 2020
Our range of HTV is sourced from premium brands within the industry and has been supplied to businesses large and small for over thirty five years, giving you peace of mind and confidence that your projects will continue to delight for many years.

The table below contains application and care instructions for Poli-Tape heat transfer films.

If you are pressing to a material not listed in the table or are unsure about the composition of your material please test a small inconspicuous area first. If you are using a particularly heat sensitive material you may be able to press at a lower temperature for a longer time, however this is not guaranteed to work as there is a minimum temperature under which these adhesives will not work. This technique will also affect the longevity so we would not recommend trying this on products which will require washing.

Before you start - Storage & Suitability

Store in a cool dry place, remember the adhesive is unprotected on the outer surface of the roll so ensure you keep this clean and safe from damage.
HTV is available in a wide range of different and striking effects in addition to the standard colours.

After Application - Looking After Your Decals

Once you have applied your design you’ll want to keep your creations looking good for as long as possible.
Check the care instructions for your particular media. Usual recommendations are to wash and iron inside out, however the temperature will vary as does the durability expectation.
Polyester based heat transfer films such as some mirror and holographic films will have a limited wash durability of up to 10 cycles.

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