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Applying your Self-adhesive Vinyl - Hinge Method

by Samantha Watson on October 13, 2020

So, you've prepped your surface, created, cut and weeded your beautiful design and applied your application tape, now comes the exciting part, applying your graphics!

This can be a little daunting at first, vinyl has a habit of sticking to everything before you even get it to where you need it and no doubt you will be finding little sticky letters in the strangest places for weeks to come.

There are many different techniques when applying vinyl and over time you will find the way that works best for you. In the meantime, whilst you're finding your feet, check out our handy guides to vinyl application below. We have a few easy to follow step by step instructions which will ensure a professional finish regardless of your application.

In this post you can find the following information:

Step By Step Vinyl Application - Hinge Method


Tools for the job

Scalpel, snitty or scissors

Surface cleaner and lint free cloth

Weeding tool, can be a hook, tweezers or simply long fingernails!

Application tape to transfer your shapes to the application surface.


Squeegee or scraper to smooth down the tape.

Masking tape for positioning

This application method is ideal when transferring multi-layered or paneled graphics, designs where accurate positioning is critical and larger areas of vinyl when wet application is not an option.

Step 1

With the release liner still on your graphics, fold down or rip off a 2.5cm (1 inch) slice of the liner, horizontally across the top of the graphics to reveal the application tape.

Step 2

Turn the graphic over and adhere the uncovered slice of application tape to your substrate.

As the rest of the adhesive is still protected by the release liner you will be able to position your graphic accurately with no risk of it sticking prematurely.

Once it is in place secure the top strip or hinge with masking tape if required.

Step 3

Now, from below, gently pull down on the folded piece of release liner, pulling evenly across the width to reveal the sticky side of the vinyl and app tape.

Starting from the top, squeegee from the centre outwards, gradually moving down the graphic as you pull away the app tape.

Step 4

Once the release liner has been removed and the graphic has been squeegeed, grab a corner of the application tape and, folding it right back on itself, peel slowly away from the vinyl.

If shapes start to lift, replace the tape a little and apply more pressure.

Step 5

Squeegee over your graphic once more to ensure it is secure, take care not to scratch your vinyl or the substrate.

In the unlikely event that any air bubbles remain and you cannot squeegee them to the edge, grab a pin and pop them so they disappear!

Where to use self-adhesive vinyl

Window Graphics



Vehicle Personalisation


Wall Graphics




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