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                    ImagePerfect SafeTouch

                    ImagePerfect SafeTouch

                    Our awareness of germs and bacteria has never been greater, SafeTouch anti-microbial laminate is impregnated with zinc pyrithione and is proven to offer protection against micro-organisms, including bacteria, fungi and parasites.

                    Available in transparent matt and gloss finishes it has a semi-permanent adhesive and a 3 year life.

                    Perfect for use around the home as well as offices, schools and nurseries, the anti-microbial feature is not affected by cleaning or scrubbing and is effective for the life of the product.

                    Ensure peace of mind for your family and colleagues and use on flat surfaces such as tables, desks, high chairs, door handles and many high traffic areas, you can even use it to cover school books and lunchboxes.

                    Available in sheets and rolls, for further information regarding protection from specific micro-organisms please refer to the download section.

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