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      Colour Effect




        Cutter Suitability

        Poli-Flex Image - Glitter

        Poli-Flex Image - Glitter is a relatively smooth textured, glossy, non-shed glitter HTV.  It is a less showy, understated relative to the more glitzy TransFlex Pearl Glitter.

        Brightly coloured HTV is showered with a subtle sprinkle of silver particles to produce a delicately glittered effect, these can be layered onto other types of smooth HTV to create glistening designs, the clear in particular is ideal for this, taking on whatever colour is underneath and adding sparkle.

         Perfect for Cricut, Silhouette and other vinyl cutters, have fun cutting intricate designs and lettering for a wide range of crafting projects, pressing onto clothes, bags, shoes and even some woods and other non heat-sensitive surfaces.

        Poli-Flex Image - Glitter is ideal for Cotton, Polyester and Polyester blends and conforms to OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

        Poli-Flex Glitter Silver Gloss HTV


        Poli-Flex Glitter Purple Gloss HTV


        Poli-Flex Glitter Blue Gloss HTV


        Poli-Flex Glitter Green Gloss HTV


        Poli-Flex Pearl Glitter Colour Swatch


        Poli-Flex Glitter Gold Gloss HTV


        Poli-Flex Image Colour Swatch

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