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        Photoluminescent Vinyl

        Photoluminescent Vinyl

        Photoluminescent Vinyl

        Glow in the dark (also known as phosphorescent) vinyl charges itself in UV light then discharges to emit a strong luminance easily visible in the dark.

        The soothing green-tinged glow can be used to great effect in home décor, for health and safety directional markings or simply to reassure those that don’t like the dark!

        Equally suitable for hand cutting or machine cutting with craft cutters, our photo luminescent vinyl can also be used to great effect in combination with other vinyl.

        Cut decorative, glow-in-the-dark stickers to radiate alongside dark stairs to light your way at night or festoon a child’s bedroom ceiling with a Milky Way of glow in the dark stars and planets that shimmer them gently to sleep. Alternatively, scare the living daylights out of them with a spooky fancy dress outfit for Halloween!

        Use alongside our photo-luminescent heat transfer film and really go to town.

        ORALUX® 9300 Photoluminescent Craft Vinyl

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