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                Stencil Film

                Stencil Film

                Stencil Film

                Express your personality creatively with bespoke stencil designs for ceramic tiles, ceilings, wall art and all types of home décor.

                Make your own stencils for masking with acrylics, spray paints or any media you choose. Our removable stencil vinyl is easy peel meaning that it won’t leave behind any gummy residue and is highly translucent for convenient positioning and alignment for multi-coloured and layered designs.

                Would you like to make your mark on surfaces where vinyl just won’t stick? Stencil some playful positivity stones and plant pots for window sills and gardens.

                Does your wheelie bins keep going walkies? Stencil a permanent design that can’t be peeled off, then use on recycling and food bins too, maybe a well-earned thank you rainbow for the bin men and other key workers would be an especially nice touch.

                Available in sheets and rolls, cut with a plain old pair of scissors or scalpel and perfect for crafting cutters such as Cricut, Silhouette and Brother.

                Signmask Blue Stencil Film

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