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Silhouette AutoDetect 3mm Kraft Blade
Silhouette AutoDetect 3mm Kraft Blade
Silhouette AutoDetect 3mm Kraft Blade

Silhouette AutoDetect 3mm Kraft Blade

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Designed specifically for the Cameo 4 this 3mm Kraft Blade is made of tough stainless steel, has an auto-sensing chip and opens up more cutting possibilities than ever before.

The added blade depth combined with the increased cutting force available in the Cameo's second tool head allows for successful cutting of thicker and denser materials such as leather, craft foam, acetate and even wood.

Product Information

Silhouette 3mm Kraft Blade | Key Features

• Blade Material: Stainless Steel
• Auto Blade Detection
• Manual Adjustment
• Blade Length Range: 0.1mm – 3mm
• For Use In Cameo 4 Tool Head 2 Only
• To Be Used In Conjunction With A Strong Tack Cutting Mat

Recommended Materials

• Felt
• Leather
• Card Stock
• Burlap
• Acetate Sheets
• Balsa Wood
• Craft Foam
• Cork Sheets

Important Set Up Information

It is incredibly important to note that the Kraft Blade is not like any other Silhouette Blade.

In order to be able to effectively use the 3mm Kraft Blade you will need to be able set up Custom Cut Settings within Silhouette Studio for each material that you want to cut with it.

The Kraft Blade isn’t designed to cut through these thicker materials in one pass like other Silhouette Blades, it cuts through these thicker materials by using a series of passes to slowly cut through the material.

Product Details

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