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Silhouette Universal Hook

Silhouette Universal Hook

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Probably the most frequently used tool in a crafters toolbox, the universal hook makes weeding a joy.

Ideal for picking up small pieces of vinyl and heat transfer film, pulling excess film away from around your design and crucial for repositioning those pesky dots from your 'i's' that have a habit of going walkies!

The Silhouette Universal Hook is made from tough but lightweight plastic with an easy-grip rubber coating allowing for fast and efficient removal of vinyl without the need for scalpel blades or fingernails that have been filed to deadly stilettoes.

Product Information

Key Features:

• Contains: 1 x Universal Hook
• Allows For Easy Removal Of Excess Material
• Lightweight
• Grippy Rubber Coating
• Hook Will Arrive In Either Black Or White

Product Details

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  • Availability: Out of stock

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