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Festive Nutcracker Tea Towel

by Louise Daw - Little Cloud Crafts on November 01, 2022
NOV 2022

Make your own:
Festive Nutcracker Tea Towel

You won't want to get any gravy stains on this beautiful festive tea towel!

We asked our guest crafter, the lovely Louise from Little Cloud Crafts to come up with a festive 'how-to' using our Poli-Tape heat transfer vinyl.
This beautiful tea towel would make a lovely gift and bring a real Christmassy vibe to the kitchen.
. . . and with Louise's help you'll find it a doddle to make too!

So many possibilities and I love the fact that I can make something so unique and inexpensive!

- Louise Daw

You will need:

    • Tea Towel
    • Selection of heat transfer vinyl
    • Teflon baking sheet, baking paper or similar
    • Iron or heat press (no steam!)
    • Weeding tool
    • Scissors

This is a free file from

I used my Silhouette Cameo for this project. So after downloading it to my computer I opened the file into the Silhouette Design Studio. I ungrouped the design to reveal the individual colours of HTV that I needed to use. I cut the design at 28cm high.

I used Poli-Flex Turbo in Red, Black, White, Fuchsia, Beige, Navy, Brown and a sprinkle of Poli-Flex Pearl Glitter in Light Gold. I wanted to recreate a traditional nutcracker but feel free to change up the colours as you please! The tea towel was just a plain cotton one that I found in TK Max.

Cut and weed each colour, don't forget to carry out a test cut first, this will make weeding so much easier, and MIRROR your design!

Once all the pieces have been cut out it is a good idea to layer the design together on the tea towel to understand how the layers go together. Because there are so many layers it is important to work out which layer needs to be ironed on first, so you can build up the design.

Now we are ready to iron on the design. I used the photo below to help me during this process as it’s easy to forget which layer goes first once they are all laid out. I pressed the tea towel with a normal iron before I started, just to remove any creases and moisture.

So now comes the fun part. I used my Cricut Mini Easy Press for this as it is small and easy to see where you are pressing. The tea towel has a texture so takes a few seconds longer for the htv to adhere. I made sure that each layer was cool before peeling the backing paper off.

You can download the application settings for Poli-Tape HTV here:

You need to cover each layer as you go, I used a piece of Teflon baking sheet. This protects the layers that have already been added and stops any disasters!

So now we start building up the design.

Gradually building up the design as you go - take it slowly and allow each layer to cool before removing the backing sheet.

And there we are - your own festive tea towel.   Really easy to make and very effective!