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            ImagePerfect DecoLam Textured Craft Vinyl Laminate

            Transform vinyl and other surfaces into something special with our new DecoLam laminates.  A collection of six different textured self-adhesive films will give a tactile finish to your designs.

            DecoLam has been designed to mimic the look and feel of various surfaces with the following textures;

            Woodgrain, Leather, Linen, Reptile Skin, Sandstone and Brushed which is ideal for metallic films.

            They are particularly effective when layered over high gloss and mirrored surfaces and can be used alone or on top of plain or printed vinyl.  Laminate in sheets or cut into decorative shapes for unique effects.

            These unusual textures will last up to 5 years, can be used inside and out, and would also look attractive as privacy films on glass or mirrors or to add texture to doors and furniture.

            They not only look good but will protect your surfaces from scuffs and scratches, as a bonus the Sandstone effect even has a non-slip certification and can be used for floor graphics.

            Unsure which design would suit your project best?  No problem, select our Mix Pack starter set and try them all at a bargain price!

            ImagePerfect DecoLam Textured Craft Laminate - Leather


            ImagePerfect DecoLam Textured Craft Laminate - Sandstone


            ImagePerfect DecoLam Textured Craft Laminate - Brushed


            ImagePerfect DecoLam Textured Craft Laminate - Reptile


            ImagePerfect DecoLam Textured Craft Laminate - Woodgrain

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