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    Colour Effect




      Cutter Suitability

        Poli-Flex Image - Dimension

        Poli-Flex Image - Dimension with it's funky chunky 3D effect really makes a statement.

        Frequently used by boutique brands on sport, fashion and loungewear this gives a unique structured feel to your graphics.

        Available in six popular colours in addition to black and white, this unusual heat transfer film handles beautifully on vinyl cutters and is available in A4 sheets and mini rolls.

        Please note the extended press times due to the thickness of this 3D film.  Depending on your knife blade you may find it easier to cut your design in two passes and avoid very small or intricate shapes.

        Poli-Flex Dimension White Matt HTV


        Poli-Flex Dimension Black Matt HTV


        Poli-Flex Dimension Yellow Matt HTV


        Poli-Flex Dimension Gold Matt HTV


        Poli-Flex Image Colour Swatch


        Poli-Flex Dimension Green Matt HTV


        Poli-Flex Dimension Blue Matt HTV


        Poli-Flex Dimension Silver Matt HTV


        Poli-Flex Dimension Red Matt HTV

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