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ImagePerfect 5900 Series

ImagePerfect 5900 Series Functional Films

Make your mark again and again with our multifunctional films.

Whether it’s clearboard for a shopping list on the fridge door or a fancy chalkboard menu for a special party, these films can be layered with our coloured and decorative vinyl’s.

Cover tabletops to keep your little ones occupied during mealtimes or whole bedroom walls so that they can create a new masterpiece every day.

Cover calendars and sticker charts with clearboard to make them reusable or create mind maps and revision aids for exam times.

Whether your medium is chalk sticks and pens or dry wipe markers, express yourself then just wipe off and start again.

ImagePerfect 5905 Chalkboard - Black Matt Craft Vinyl


ImagePerfect 5902 Clearboard - Gloss Craft Vinyl


ImagePerfect 5900 Colour Swatch